[Ghost Hunt] The doors that link the worlds are open!

Hello dollz!

In this deadly day, the ghosts are invading OhMyDollz!
From the other world, they do not stop to haunt the players!

The Grim Reaper asks our help to catch her lost ghosts!
Catch at least 75 ghosts to get her in your loft with her terrifying dog of the hell. With them, your party for Halloween will be immortal! 😉

Attention! The doors that link the worlds will remain open only for Halloween!
You just have some hours..


How does the ghost hunt work?

Search well in all pages of the game and click on all the ghosts that you see! You must catch 75 of them!

Once you have 75 ghosts, to get your reward click on « Exchange » in the offers of the moment, under the hunt icon:


While dragging the mouse on the « 75 Fee’z » text, you can see the details of the obtainable items.

Don’t you have time or don’t want to hunt all the ghosts?

You have the opportunity to directly end the hunt by paying 75 Fee’z. You’ll directly earn the reward.

Using Fee’z do not delete the hunt from your account. The hunt remains active until you catch all the ghosts and exchange them. So, you can get more items for free.
Once the hunt is over with the exchange of the ghosts, you cannot buy it anymore. Only one reward is free.

You have until Wednesday, November 1st at 6:00am (CET) to catch the ghosts.
After this time, the doors that link the worlds will close again.

Have a good hunt on OhMyDollz!

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