[Architect] New giant Autumn room!

Hello dollz!

In this season, the cold is coming, the trees lose their leaves… but not all of them! Some adorn themselves with gold and scarlet for our pleasure, illuminating the forest with their beautiful colors.


On OhMyDollz, we love nature and its different sides! We offer you to obtain for a limited time the giant room “Tree of Autumn” and its immense space that will let you put great decorations and use all your imagination, without vertical contraint.
This room with vertical navigation works exactly at the “OhMyDollz Tree” room that could be obtained in the 10 year of the game quest.
Attention! Its function is a bit different from the other rooms of the game: the dollz moves with the help of the arrow keys and it is possible to hide her.


To all players that do not like this format, we offer you 3 small rooms in Autumn colors, each of them resembles a side of the giant Tree!


You can find these 4 pieces in the “Winter” right section of your rooms.


To find these rooms, go in “Architect” on the Bank page or click on the button of the offers of the moment:


Discover all of these rooms for an exceptional sale in Architect” until Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 11:59pm (CET).

Bring Autumn in your lofts on OhMyDollz!

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