[Personality Test] Replay: Which supernatural character are you?

Hello dollz!

Vampire? Witch? Werewolf? Which supernatural character are you?

We offer you to replay the Personality Test « Which supernatural character are you? » to obtain Halloween costumes.

Answer ten questions to discover which character with supernatural powers you resemble the most! Each profile is linked to specific gifts. You’ll get gifts that resemble your personality!



You can play and replay this personality test on OhMyDollz!

Each character includes different gifts. You’ll get gifts that really resemble you the most!
The gifts to obtain can be seen in the page of the Personality Test.

Answer a test costs 49 $$$, then the price decreases: the second costs 39 $$$, following the 29 $$$, then 19 and finally 10 $$$! The more you reply to test, the cheaper it becomes! Enjoy! Don’t miss it!

Attention: if you answer the test multiple times, be attentive to your answers! Otherwise you could get several times the same set of gift.

How to access the Test?

Click on the button of the offers in the upper left of the game!


This replay will be available until Tuesday, October 31st at 11:59pm (CET).

Halloween is coming OhMyDollz!

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