[Symbol Hunt] Collect Pens!

Hello dollz!

Sarah offers you an event that will take place throughout the month of September!
Every weekend, Sarah will organize an object hunt: catch 50 items to win a pen.

Collect the 5 pens of the collection to win $$$ at the end of the month! The more pens you have, the more money you’ll earn!

This weekend, try to get the last pen of this collection!


How does the symbol hunt work?

Look for all the pages of the game and click on all the symbols you will see! You must catch 50 by clicking on it!


Once you have your 50 symbols, to get your gift, click “Trade” in the current offers under the hunting icon:


By passing the mouse over the text “50 Fee’z”, you will see the details of the objects to be won.

You do not have the time or you do not desire to hunt all the symbols?

You can validate the hunt at once by paying 50 Fee’z. You will then be credited with the pen directly.

Buying in Fee’z does not remove the chase from your account. Hunting remains active until all symbols are caught and traded. So, you can always get a second pen for free.

Once the hunt is validated trough the exchange of symbols, you will not be able to buy it. There is only one free pen.

At the end of the month, Sarah will examine your pen’s collection. The more pens you have, the more money you’ll earn!

If you get the same pen several times, it will only count as 1 in the collection.

There will be several scales of winning. Even if you only get one pen, you’ll get at least a few $$$!

You have until this Sunday, 11:59 pm to catch all the symbols to get the pen this weekend. (Paris time)

Good luck to everyone !

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