[Stores] Opening of the new shop “Collector’s Items”!

Hello dollz!

The opening of a new permanent shop at the Mall is causing a sensation within the entire OhMyDollz community. And even more when it offers collector’s items!

Do you know all the collectors of the game?

To vary the pleasures, the mall offers to discover 100 every week! Recent, oldest, which collector’s items will fate decide to let us discover this week?

Go quickly to discover the new shop “Collector’s Item”, the collector’s shop!

It is a very special shop, where you will find about a hundred collector’s Item, randomly selected from all the collectors existing in the game. Watch out : content may differ from one doll to another!

These collector’s items are offered at a price of 50 Fee’z each, as for purchases-in-loft.

Every week on Tuesday, the content of this shop will be updated and replaced by 100 new items.

Keep an eye on its contents! You could find collector’s items you’ve been looking for in a long time!


Please note: The items in this shop are only available in Fee’z.

Find all these elements in the shop http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/btn_collector/bouton_objetcadeau_fr.png

Good shopping on OhMyDollz!

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