[Lottery] Last days!

Hello dollz!

These are the last days before the draw of the big lottery of the 10 years Anniversary. Will you be one of the lucky winners?

If you want to multiply your chances of winning one of the fabulous 10-year prize, we offer you a small promotion on the lottery tickets which are on sale at the bank. Take advantage of this opportunity to increase your chances!


Among our prizes, you can find coins, fee’z, $$$, VIP subscription months, a ton of gifts! A replay “private”, months of access to temporary shops … 870 mini-puzzles gifts from the quests, VIP gifts even for non-VIP … and our jackpot: for on lucky player, a status VIP “for life” on OhMyDollz!

Also find special benefits, such as the spending gauge that gives you a collector’s gift every $ 50 spent, or the ongoing promotion on all stores that gives you a discount on levels, flirts and game quests !! Ideal for progressing in levels or playing a replay at a lower cost!

Enjoy! This promotion is valid until the end of the lottery.

Do not forget to deposit all your Tickets on the prizes you want to try to win BEFORE the end of the event!

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