[VIP] Subscription is now available on your server

Hello dollz,

Do you like VIP on OhMyDollz?

From now on, VIP subscription is available on your server!



All details for subscription are listed in “My VIP Account” page. Please read them carefully. If you need any help on VIP membership, VIP privileges, unsubscribing VIP or any technical issue, please report to the Technical Support of OhMyDollz “Contact Us” link, at the bottom of the page).

What is VIP?

VIP is a premium membership, allowing you several privileges on OhMyDollz. With VIP membership, you get:

-Double your daily salary! As soon as you are a VIP member, when you “work”, you’ll get double savings (only from “jobs” : not Talents or special bonus).
Ex : 6$ job daily = 12$ daily!
Ex : 6$ job daily +1$ bonus (Talent or another bonus) = 12$ +1$ daily!

-Each Friday at 10 o’clock (Paris Hour), you’ll get : 1 exclusive and new VIP gift, 35$$$ and 6 tokens to play on OhMyGames.
You can also buy back “ancient” VIP gifts.

-Full acess to VIP exclusive Store and its monthly updates!!


-1 more day to complete the Quests!

-Each day at 00h01 (Paris Hour), you’ll get your daily votes (dollz and loft) doubled.

-Each saturday, a special discount of -30% on a random open store!

-Special little privileges on the game, such as : more Lottery tickets, 2 free grids at Loto game (instead of 1) etc…

-Access to special room “VIP”!
As long as you are VIP. When you are no longer VIP, you can’t access the room anymore, but you can take your items back thanks to your inventory. If you don’t touch the deco, when you get access to VIP room again your deco will be back too.
However, rooms obtained with “VIP Loyalty” will remain permanently accessible to your account.

-“Loyalty” gifts! The longer you remain a VIP member, the more gifts you’ll get
Loyalty gifts are given each friday if applicable. Watch out : when you are not a VIP member anymore, you have 30 days to subscribe again in order not to loose your “loyalty account”. If not, your “loyalty” will re-start from zero.


Discover VIP membership and enjoy OhMyDollz!

Have a nice week-end!

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