[Gifts] Summer Festival: 1 day, 1 gift!

Hello dollz,

This summer we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of OhMyDollz and our team is excited!
And since we know that you like gifts, we are preparing you some biiiiiggggg surprise to make you wait until August … Or rather, FULL of surprises 😉

Just imagine: a gift EVERY day throughout the month of July!
You do not dream, that’s 31 gifts that our team will give you!

A “Summer advent” calendaraomd_smile

Two themes will come to rhythm this Festival:
“Fun at the fair” (vintage pastel fair) and “Victorian Glasshouse” (greenhouse art classy deco )
There is 1 outfit and 1 set of furniture for each theme to be won!
Each outfit has 7 different elements. Each set of furniture has 7 different elements.

At the end of the month, we’ll release 3  RARES  “super collectors” ! Watch out, these 3 items and their color variations will not be available to purchase between lofts.


On the left : Victorian Glasshouse Outfit, on the right, Fun at the Fair Outfit.


Other images will come!

Tomorrow, we’ll start with the “Victorian Glasshouse Outfit” week. 7 elements : hairstyle, painter’s accessory, painter suitcase, shortpants, top, hat, shoes.


Set of furniture “Victorian Glasshouse”
Each set of furniture has 7 different elements.




Set of furniture “Fun at the fair”
Each set of furniture has 7 different elements.




Fun at the Fair Outfit
Each outfit has 7 different elements.


29, 30 et 31/07 : 3  RARES  “super collectors”




How does it works?

Open a window on your summer calendar every day to receive a nice collector’s gift.

If you ever miss one or more days, you will be able to open the windows of the previous days in exchange for 15 Fee’z per window.

What gifts can be won?

Each gift is available in 3 colors. By opening the window, you will win a random color!
What gifts will fate bring you? 😉

Want to get more colors?
If you want, you can buy the window again to try to get one of the other colors for 15 Fee’z. You will then receive one of the colors you have not yet obtained from the window.

You will also be able to buy the colors directly from another player via the purchase in the loft of the other players, during and after the event. (Be careful! It will cost 50 Fee’z if you do this!)

If you ever miss one or more days, you will be able to open the windows of the previous days in exchange for 15 Fee’z per windows. You can always “buy” them several times in order to get all the colors, even if the day is already past.

What are these 3 RARES “super collectors” ?

The 3 last days of the Festival (29th, 30th and 31st of July) gifts will not be available to loft purchase.

If you want these items or their color variations, you’ll have to get them through the calendar. Watch out, as soon the event ends, you will not be able to get these items anymore.

You’ll get one free if you open the case of the day, otherwise their price will be 50 fee’z instead of 15 fee’z (whether you buy another color variation or a previously missed case).

I would like to get a whole collection in a specific color, is it possible?

You can get all of a collection without waiting and in the color of your choice on the page of the event, by means of Fee’z.

If you buy a “collection” in a color, you will not get duplicates of this color when opening the boxes following this purchase.
But beware, if you have already opened windows before this purchase, you risk getting a duplicate of the objects you obtained previously. Example: You have obtained a blue color in a passed window, for example on day 3. If you buy the blue collection pack on day 4, you will necessarily have one of the blue duplicate items (the one you got on day 3). the items obtained in the collector’s pack do not vary depending on what you already own 😉

So if you want a complete collection in a specific color, to avoid duplicates, it is best to buy this collection before opening the first box of the collection.

If you buy two full colors from a collection, then by opening the calendar each day, you will have the third one for free.

Important: This event requires the Flash plug-in enabled on your web browser to open the boxes.
If you are on a mobile medium, you can try using the Puffin application to run Flash on your device.

Calendar buttons : (starts 1st of July at 00:01, Paris Hour)

_btn_cal_on _btn_cal_off

This summer calendar will be available until July 31, 2017, 23:59. (CET)
Do not forget to open all the windows you desire before this date!

Happy gift shower on OhMyDollz!

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