[Quest] Free spirit

Hello dollz,

Go conquering the desert of Mojave for the holidays!
The vast wilderness, the sky as far as the eye can see, this journey between girls promises to leave magnificent memories;)

Experience a road trip to discover an enchanting and magical place!
And who knows where the coyote will take you …

You will be able to get the new room Desert through this quest.


Great gifts are waiting for you! The rewards increses, and get even more beautil gifts, as you progress in the quest.

You will also be asked to answer riddles to win bonus gifts.

In the final stage of the quest, you will have a choice to make:

If you choose the The power of Mother the Moon ending:

Follow Coyote to discover a disturbing and magical secret.
Will you be able to approach the illusions of the desert?

This step will make you win the new Desert Room, as well as decor items to enter the atmosphere of a North American desert by night. With all the magic that goes with it…;)
Bring your doll to life with lively eyes and hair that flies in the wind of the desert!



If you choose the ending At the Festival of the Desert:

Forget the coyote and participate in a grand festival.
Musique, danse, artistes, illuminations nocturnes. An unforgettable party is coming your way!

This step will make you win a new mannequin with changing position, to become a fire dancer. You’ll also find elements to organize your own bohemian and underground festival.


Many other gifts can be won throughout these stages.

All you have to do in orer to play is to click on the promotion button:


Discover the different color the objects you will need for these quests in the Summer Shop.


For those who like it when it goes fast, those who do not have the time, and those who love duplicates, we’ve added quest packs for you!
These packs simply contain the gifts of the stages, without prerequisites, or those find in the riddles (there must be a small advantage to do the quest normally). The first 3 steps are grouped, the others are separated.
Have fun on OhMyDollz!

You have until Friday 30. June 2017 3:00pm (CET) to participate in this quest. VIP subscribers have 24 hours more to participate in the quest, they will therefore be able to play until Saturday 1. July 2017 at 3:00 pm. (CET).

Go on a road trip on OhMyDollz!


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