[Sets] Stay fit!

Hello dollz,

Wellness and sport are the keys to stay fit.
What is your preference? Are you more for going for a run out at the park or a relaxing day at the spa ?!

Make your choice through several packs, available until Sunday!

The new Gym room will allow your doll to set up her small private fitness center right in the middle of her home. You’ll find it in the packs!

If you want to get a first look at this new room you’ll be able to find it at Sarah’s place.


What items are available in these packs?

The packs consist of several objects from stores or collectors, offered in batches at preferential prices.
The new Gym Room and Park Room are also available in some of these packs.

Information: The room Gym will not be permanent at the architect It is an exclusive Room that will only be available at special events or promotions.

Here are the packs that are available this weekend:

Pack “Home Sports”


Pack “Running at the Park”


Pack “Day at the Spa”



These sets will be available until Sunday 18th June 2017 at midnight (CET).

To access these sets, click here or the button in the current offers:


Have a great week on OhMyDollz!

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