[Fashion Divas] Special Dollzella!

Hello dollz,

For the unmissable Dollzella festival, five fashion-wearers with very different personalities have called on Gilliam Carmimolette to be at their best!

The famous wild stylist needs your help to find THE perfect look that will match each one! Will you be able to prove to her that you are a true Fashion Diva?

You have until Wednesday to help Vanessa, Kylie, Kendall, Taylor and Alessandra find the perfect outfit according to their tastes.

Alessandra, sweet and girly, lives only around luminous colors and raw textures! Help her infinding the style that suits her Romantic personality the best!


Vanessa looks for a bohemian style, ethnic inspired and colorful. Help her in finding the style that suits her cheerful personality the best!


Kylie hates to be unseen! Colors and flashy materials are her thing! Help her to find the style that suits her off-the-wall personality the best!


Kendall, a classy and reserved brunette who enjoys dark colors and delicate patterns. Help her to find the style that suits her mysterious personality the best!


Taylor, a nostalgic of the 90’s musician swears only by the Grunge style and regressive looks! Help her to find the style that suits her rock’n roll personality the best!


If you succeed in dressing these 5 ladies with very different personalities by answering the questions, you will be able to win many gifts!

Just select the fashion-wearer you wish to dress.
Read carefully her presentation, as well as the related clue, to determine her taste.

Buy the right items and earn points to fill the gauge. Fill it up completely in order to win all gifts.

But be careful! Bad choices will not go without consequences! If you are unable to meet the young lady’s every need, you won’t be able to win as much gift.
So think carefully before buying an article because you won’t get a second chance.

Once she has been dressed, you will be able to to help another to dress if that is what you wish.

Gilliam Carmimolette also has a surprise in store for to those who will respect the style of all these damsels to perfection!

Fill the gauges of the 5 divas to 100% to win as a bonus the piece roomie’! If you already have the base room, you will gain its extension. And if you already own the whole room, you will gain a 15 multipliers of objects!

Discover the different color the objects you will need for the quest in the Basics Shop.

You have until Wednesday 10th 2017 midnight (CET) in order to participate to this event.

All you have to do in order to gain access to the replays is to click on the promotion button:


Are you up to the Dollzella challenge?!

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