[bug fixed] Technical issue on VIP accounts

Hi all,


A technical issue occurred on all VIP accounts, on all servers. Since this issue, all accounts are showing 0$$$.

We’re currently working to fix that issue as soon as possible. VIP $$$ will be back to what they were before technical issue occurred, around 5:00 pm today (Paris hour).

If a VIP converted fee’z into $$$ after 5:00pm, his $$$ will be refunded to his account.

As soon as this issue is solved, you’ll get your $$$ back to what they were before the bug!

Fixed at 8:30 pm :

Due to the technical issue, all VIP have been credited of +70$$$ this morning. Since a bug occurred and prevented them to play the game, we decided to let all VIP keep 70$$$ as a compensation for your time loss (and fear).

We apologize for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience.

OhMyDollz Team

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