[Replay] 3 past quests

Hello dollz,

Enjoy replaying these 3 ancient quests!
This is the opportunity for you to do the quests you’ve missed or do once again those you loved.

The return of the 2011 “Angel or Demon” quest!

This very old quest has been completely reinstalled to allow you to replay it! But due to the fact that the game has evolved, we had to make some changes.
The format of the mini-enigmas has changed since 2011, so it was not possible to propose them on this quest. On the other hand, the gift has remained the same. So it was added to the prizes of the final stages (little angel for the angel stage, small demon for the demon stage).
As this is a very old quest, originally by finishing the final stages, you got a profession , but you had to buy a additional room in the bank. We have kept the the profession price but removed the requirment. In addition to that we reduced the cost of “replaying” for this quest only from 150 to 75 fee’z.

To adjust to the current cost of the quests, the similar prices were therefore divided between the 2 quests as follows:
The “Angel or Demon” quest now allows to gain the Angel and Demon profession.
The “Angel in Mission” quest now allows to gain the Demon and Heaven items.

Quest details

The 2011 “Angel or Demon” quest!

Have you ever dreamed of being an angel, watching over people, being their “lucky star” and unknowingly helping them? Play as a young apprentice angel and experience an angelic and demonic adventure!

At the end of this quest, you can win the Angel and Demon professions.
The Angel’s profession will bring you 5 $$$ + 1 gift voucher per day.
The Demons’s profession will bring you 5 $$$ + 1 gift OhMyDollz token per day.


The 2012 “Angel in Mission” quest!

You are part of the Heven’s elite! Your mission: to spread happiness on Earth and bring back the smiles on the faces of your small back to your little humans! One day you’ll become an archangel, nothing can stop you! Except maybe…

At the end of this quest with two endings, you can win the Heaven and Hell items. If you already posses the hell item you will then win its extension.


The 2012 Post-Apocalyptic Quest

OhMyDollz City is no longer recognizable! The snow has suddendly covered the city even though it is the middle of August, and vegetation has grown everywhere! What’s going on? Is it a dream or is nature taking back its rights?  You’ll find out when you’ll start this quest!

At the end of this quest with two endings, you’ll be able to win the cloud item. If you already posses the item, then you will win it’s extension


IMPORTANT: Watch Out! you can not go back! once started looking it must complete before you can access the following! So think carfully befor starting a quest.
The quest “Angel in mission ” and “Angel or Deamon” contains a stage, that can be bought with Fee’z, you will have to finish it completely to access another replay.
You can visualize the gifts of a quest in replay and then go back to your choice: Click on a replay, and click on “see all the gifts”. You can then choose to go back to the selection page by clicking on the “replay” button.


Discover the different color the objects you will need for these quests in the Dollz Story Shop.


All you have to do in order to gain acess to the replays is to click on the promotion button:

You will be able to Replay of these quest, and the associated shops,  until Monday 1st May 2016 at midnight (CET).


Enjoy these quest on OhMyDollz !

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