[Bank] Bank week: Elite Dollz

Hello dollz,

A bank week is starting on OhMyDollz!

Do you like to travel and discover new cultures?

Envoyes from the Elite Dollz universe are passing by!
They come from different countries,and you have the possibility to get their mannequins and outfits in your lofts this week.

Collect all 7 exclusive items included with purchases of Fee’z all week!

An exclusive gift will be rewarded to the collectors who have receive all the 7 different gifts!


How does it works?

Each day of the week, you can win an exclusive gift by getting at least 100 Fee’z in one purchase at the bank (including Free Fee’z).

How many gifts are there?

Because there are 7 days in the week, there are 7 exclusive gifts.

How can we get all the gifts?

To get all the exclusive gifts, you simply have to purchase at least 100 Fee’z each day of the week.

What happens if I make multiple purchases on the same day?

Because there is only one exclusive gift a day, you will get a copy of the gift for each purchase.

What is the Gift of the Day?


What is Tuesday’s gift?


What is Wednesday’s gift?


What is Thursday’s gift?


What is Friday’s gift?


What is Saturday’s gift?


What is sunday’s gift?


An exclusive gift will be rewarded to the collectors who have receive all the 7 different gifts!


Have a good week on OhMyDollz!

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