[Flash Sale] The Princess of Mermaids!

Hello Dollz!

Big fright near the coasts! A shark has been spotted swimming nearby the shore!
No bathing allowed until the shark swims away!

A young mermaid  is trying to convince everyone that it is harmless to the Dollz, but we can clearly see that she disguised the animal to look inoffensive!

The authorities are not credulous fools, they advised the Dollz not to swim in the sea!

The Sea Princess visits OhMyDollz to celebrate April 1st with you!

Until Sunday you can obtain this wonderful Mermaid and her sea companion in a Flash Sale!


Discover them in Sarah’ Aquarium room!

You can purchase this exclusive outfit at a special price until Sunday 2nd April 2017 at midnight (CET).

To access this Flash Sale, click here or the button in the current offers:


What is a Flash Sale?

A Flash Sale allows you to obtain new and exclusive items in a promotional bundle. This bundle is at a more interesting price than at the Flash Boutique, which is seldom open.

A rumor from the sea murmurs that she will be the last visitor from the sea…

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