[Mini quest] The Dream Parade – Special gifts credited

Hello Dollz!

OhMyDollz’s Dream Parade is now over and the last float has returned to the backstage.

The special gifts have been credited to the  players fulfilling the conditions.

If you have completed at least 8 stages, you will win the “Funfair” room or its new extension if you already have the room.


Congratulations to the courageous ones who have completed the 16 stages! You win an extra random room from a list of 8 rooms: Citadel, Manor, Cake Shop, North Pole, China, Black Forest, Flowers, Mediterranean.


-> If you already have a room, you will win its extension.

-> If you already have all the rooms and their extensions, you will win an exceptional pack of 50 items multipliers!

Roll on the next Carnival on OhMyDollz!

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