[OhMyBoutique] Soon new collection and promotion on tokens!

Hello Dollz!

The OhMyBoutique’s content will be soon completely renewed. Also the new collection will replace for good the current one.

Hurry to get the items of your choice! You only have few days before the replacement!!


What is OhMyGames?

The OhMyGames are mini-games where you can win points which allow you to buy exclusive content at the “OhMyBoutique”.

Click on the http://www.ohmydollz.com/design2012/menu/menu_ohmygames_fr.png  button in the main menu under your avatar. You will find several games:

“OhMyDance”: Press the correct arrow keys in the rhythm of the music!
“OhMyTicket”: Scratch the card and win points or tokens!
“OhMyTwist”: Prove how fast you can align the symbols!
“OhMyFashion”: Catch the clothes the clients throw over their cabins!

Play this games to obtain points, which can be traded against items at the OhMyBoutique!

Need a little help to get more points and buy more items ? 

Take advantage of this special offer: 50 tokens  for 99 Fee’z (instead of 25 tokens). 

To enjoy this special offer, go tot the Bank’s page:


This offer is available until Wednesday 29 March 2017, at Midnight (CET).

Stock up on tokens on OhMyDollz!

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