[Happy Week-End] Unlock all temporary stores

Hello Dollz!

Spring is back and so are the sunny days! It’s time to enjoy the sun, the fresh air but also to renew your wardrobe!

To celebrate Spring, a “Happy Week-End” is taking place on OhMyDollz!

It’s a great occasion to get your fill of Fee’z and have an exclusive access to the closed stores!!


How does it work?

Need Fee’z soon? If you choose to refill your account before Sunday 2nd April at midnight, you’ll be eligible for an incredible bonus!

If your accumulate a total of 800 Fee’z, you will unlock personal access to all the stores in the game for 7 days! (Not including Flash and VIP stores)

Your bonus will automatically unlock as soon as you have purchased a total of 800 Fee’z (not including Flash and VIP stores). The stores will be unlocked for 7 days starting the moment you have reached 800 Fee’z.

Important notice: Only purchases of 100 Fee’z or more will count towards the bonus, and free Fee’z will not count towards the bonus.

The 800 Fee’z required to activate the bonus will not be used up when unlocking the stores. Reaching 800 Fee’z will unlock access to the stores, but you are free to do what you wish with your Fee’z.

Learn more about this event on the bank’s page.


Happy shopping on OhMyDollz!

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