[Flash Sale] Ella Watserik’s Outfit: Ella Blue & Red

Hello Dollz!

The famous actress Ella Watserik is the honor guest of Sarah’s Spring Festival!
For this occasion, the sensible fashion ambassador wore 2 beautiful Eco-friendly outfits.

Until Sunday you can obtain the “Ella BLUE” Outfit in a Flash Sale! But there is more! You can obtain the “Ella RED” Outfit, in the 2nd Flash Sale, when the “Ella BLUE” will be gone!

–> However, you can obtain both of them in a special promotional pack for Fee’z until Tuesday! 😉 



The”Elle RED” Outfit:



You can purchase this exclusive “Ella RED” outfit at a special price from Sunday 26th March 2017, 10:15 am to Tuesday 28th March, Midnight (CET)!

Careful! This outfit is collector! You can’t find it in the Flash Store after this event. It is the only occasion to buy it at this special price! 😉

You can obtain both Outfits (BLUE & RED) in a special promotional pack until Tuesday, 28th March, Midnight (CET).


To access this Flash Sale, click here or the button in the current offers:


What is a Flash Sale?

A Flash Sale allows you to obtain new and exclusive items in a promotional bundle. This bundle is a collector pack! You can’t purchase them in the Flash Store! This in an unique opportunity 😉

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