Update MACE: Patchnotes



Head or Tail
Win or Fail

Talent is her Fate
Her lucky number 8

Finally, is this all just Luck?
Certainly not the Mace, it is your bad luck!

To successfully update the the “mace” version, we must reinitiate your score, that is, all the points you have obtained after your wins. It will also reinitiate the clans’ scores. Thus, every players will start the first competitive season on equal footing. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome, players of BAClash!

No more worries, after being less vocal for a short period, the BAClash team is back with a new update, more determined than ever! The update “Mace” is the first rewriting of the competition with new leagues. Compare your performances with the others players’ and climb to the top! Our new score system will reward your skill more fairly for more representative rankings. Your skills and strategy will be challenged!

Regarding news releases, you will be spoiled! A new character, Clover will swell the ranks of the Mercs. She is an Attacker armed with a mace and a lucky charm to play head or tail. By manipulating her Luck, you can win big critic hits!

This version follows the path of the older update “Biotope”, where Collapsed realms was a living world. New luminous visual effects bring relief and depth to Mercs.

This new content can recorded on a video and shared with a new integrated system called Everyplay. We are eager to see your videos!

Féérik Games Team.


Solo competition


On BAClash, you compete by seasons! You have 3 weeks to give of your best and climb to the top of our 6 leagues.

If you have never played a season, you will start in Bronze per default. A won battle can bring you up to 80 cups, depending on the difficulties. A defeat can stole you up to 60 cups! When you reach a given number of cups, you will be automatically promoted to the next league.

The highest league can be reached 5 days after the season’s opening. Only the 15 best players can access it. It is the Elite League, where you can win or lose maximum 50 cups per battle.

At the end of the season, you will receive the rewards of your league. Coins, gems and chests are waiting for you

If you have already played a season, your last registered position will be unchanged if you have less than 1100 cups, beyond that, it will be reduced to 1100.

MODIFIED TOP PLAYERS – The Clans’ tab displaying the top players has been changed, it will from now on display the players available in your league. You can also have access to the Ranking of the Elite League which displays the top 15 players of the game.

MODIFIED CREST DISPLAY – From now on, in the clan’s members’ list, your league’s crest will be displayed on top left of your pseudonym instead of old crests.

Recording and sharing videos

You can activate the recording of your games in your account’s option menu. You either record a whole game or only thirty seconds of it.

Once you’ve activated the recording, you can go back to playing normally. On the end game screen, a button will take you to the recording, where you can edit it. Once you are satisfied with the result, you have the option to share it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Everyplay or to email it.

To watch content shared by another player, you can also go the news menu and click the Everyplay TV icon.

Beware, to use this feature you first need to have an Everyplay account.



Clover is lucky… or unlucky! Her mood depends on how she tosses her coin…. She is a bluffing and playful attacker. She can deal critical damage to her opponents as well as injure her allies. But chance can be manipulated! Clover will suit players who like to take risks, but who also know how to limit them and how to manage their resources.

Pile ou Face

NEW Clover can find herself in two different states: Lucky or Unlucky. Each time she uses her ability Heads or Tails, she asks the opponent the following question: does he have more Flasks than you? If he does, Clover is Unlucky and loses Health points. If he doesn’t, she becomes Lucky and gains some flasks. Clover stays in the same state until the following use of Heads of Tails.

Pay close attention to your opponent’s income and spending to estimate his wealth. Seize the right opportunity to cast Heads or Tails by making sure your opponent has less Flasks than you: after he bought Spells or if you managed to capture more jungle camps than him for instance. The extra Flasks you will gain from a successful Heads or Tails can make the difference in buying expensive Spells!

Assommoir Chanceux N°8

NEW When Clover impacts an opponent, she uses her mace with a powerful blow, hitting all opposing mercs in the area in front of her. If she does so while being Unlucky, her allies also suffer from it. If she’s Lucky, her mace deals a critical hit.

Naturally it is most interesting to use her ability when she’s Lucky and thus deal critical damage. A good positioning will allow you to hit several mercs in one strike! But also know how to use her when she’s Unlucky. When you play with Kaûro for instance, who can absorb damage to boost himself or when you want to deal damage to a fake ally under Aether’s Mental Control… There are many additional uses for you to find out!


NEW LIFE (Common) – Max Health of all ally mercenaries is temporarily increased. Upgrading this spell will increase the Max Health bonus.

NEW REDIRECTION (Common) – All directions on Boosters in the jungle are inverted. They will go back to their original direction after a few uses. Upgrading this spell will increase the number of authorized uses before reverting to the original direction.

MODIFIED RESURRECTION (Legendary) – The mercenary will now reappear where he died with half his life and no level loss. He can also immediately move again.


Death & Mercenaries resurrection

The death of a mercenary is bound to happen but it shouldn’t determine the outcome of a game all by itself. In the previous version, preventing a mercenary to move for several rounds would literally guarantee your team’s failure. Death is now less punitive: It will make you lose your advance in combat without preventing you to redeploy your defenses.

REMOVED WAITING – When a mercenary dies, you don’t have to wait for several rounds anymore before he resurrects.

NEW INSTANT RESURRECTION – Upon death, a mercenary is recalled to his base where he regenerates all his life instantly. If he had extra moves, they are lost. He cannot be played during the remaining round; you will have to wait until the next one.

NEW LEVEL LOSS – The mercenary will lose a fixed amount of levels upon death. The number of levels lost depends on the length of the game:

  • Between 1 and 3 rounds : 1 level
  • Between 4 and 6 rounds : 2 levels
  • Between 7 and 9 rounds : 3 levels
  • More than 9 rounds : 4 levels


NEW LIGHTS – Light effects have been added to the main menu and in battle. It is now easier to detect rocks with the light added to the displacement arrow.

NEW TUTORIAL – We keep modifying the tutorial by proposing two learning options according to your experience in this type of strategy game.

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