[tester panel] Mails sent


Hi everyone,

Thank you for your active application in our survey! That was hard, but we finally selected some profiles and sent an email to the address they joined about the first survey thay’ll need to complete.
We made two panels : one is french-speaking, and the other, non-french speaking..

If you haven’t received an email from us inviting you to fill the survey form, unfortunately your profile has not been selected this time.
However, if some candidates are not able to answer the survey in a few days, we’ll ask another person to complete the survey in his place. Maybe you? By doing this, we’ll be sure to have a turn-over of profiles and apprehend OhMyDollz’s variety of individuals.

Surveys can be of any form, on any subject!
We’d like to remind you panel test members can’t spread infomation about our surveys, nor looking for other members of the panel. Such an attitude would create errors in our results, that would not benefit any of us.

Thanks again, and see you soon for other information!

… Well, check your spam box in any case, one never know… ^^

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