Share your opinion about OhMyDollz ! Become a tester !

Hi dollz!

Our team wish to gather all your opinions and thoughts about our news. We wish to make OhMyDollz a better game, according to your needs and wishes.
Help us with OhMyDollz by sharing your opinion!

We’d like to be more in touch with your wishes and needs, so we’d like to create a tester player panel. These players will be anonymous and able to answer our surveys in a limited amount of time, share their thoughts and elaborate answers.

Any player can enter this panel, whatever the way thay play or their investment in the game. On the contrary, we’d like to have the largest and diversified player population! Feel free to apply, and help us improving OhMyDollz !

As we need to gather players from different countries, we’ll need to communicate with you in english. We’re sorry, but this panel will be available only for english speakers (native or non native).

If your application is selected, you’ll be part of the tester panel. (You will receive an email, so please enter a valid form.)
If selected, you’ll be added to a special group on your language board, then you’ll be given access to a special invisible section only available to testers. However, you will not be able to see who is part of the panel 😉 you and your answers will remain anonymous.
Surveys will be published in this special board section. We wish to gather your opinion and thoughts about our propositions, in order to build together a better OhMyDollz, according to your your needs and wishes.
Thank you for your time!

To apply, please fill this form :
Tester Panel OMD 2017 -application form

Selection criteria vary, but your reactivity and playing frequency will be important.

Watch out : only valid emails! No valid email, no application.

Please don’t apply with multiple names and accounts. Only one application by player.

Applications are open until february 15th 2017, 23h59. (GMT +1)

Stay tuned!

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