[Quest] Bonus gift: New talent “Queen’s favor”

Hello dollz,

The Versailles quest already plunges you into a royal universe with sumptuous gifts and a magnificent room. But your friend, the organizer of the role play game, didn’t tell you everything!

What about getting an exclusive bonus gift on top of all the others?

All the players who fully completed the Versailles quest will win a new talent: the “Queen’s favor”!


The talent “Queen’s favor” is an exclusive talent that had never been implemented in OhMyDollz before.

This talent can only be used 5 times, but each use grants you a 10$$$ bonus!

You can also freely decide when to use it! It’s the opportunity to partially refund the cost of the quest or to put some $$$ aside.

Note: This talent grants you 10$$$ upon working with your doll, as a bonus to your salary.
To enjoy this bonus, you have to activate it before working. If you wish to keep the talent for later, you need to deactivate it.

Be quick, there are only a few days left until the end of the quest!

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