[Shops] Temporary access to Flash Boutique!

Hi dollz!

Did you miss a Flash Sale? Do you wish you’d have another chance to acquire these items in your loft?

The Flash Boutique opens its doors for a few days on OhMyDollz!

There you’ll find every item from our past Flash Sales, sold separately. Did you dream of getting a specific item without buying the whole bundle?


What is the difference between Flash Sales and Flash Boutique?
Flash Sales offers you a group of items, exclusive and rare, for a special Flash Discount price within a limited time. Flash Boutique opens rarely, items are at their normal price  but you can choose any item you want separately in the shop!


Hurry, the Flash Boutique is only temporarily open. Its doors will close on Sunday 22th January, 11.59am (CET).

Have a nice shopping on OhMyDollz!

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