[Sewing Machine] Changes!

Hello dollz!

We took into account your feedback about this feature and the cost of sewing your outfit together has been reduced by our team!


Here are the new functions.


It’s free! Click the button and wait until the sewing machine has done its job. You can then get your creation back.

If you wish to speed up the process, you can pay a small amount of Fee’z to do so, but it’s optional.

Beware, to sew an outfit together it needs to be made of at least 5 items.


The price of a creation depends on the number of item composing it, their original price and whether collector’s items are included or not. In any case, the figures have been revised downwards. :)

If you wish to speed up the process and get your creation back faster, you can pay a small amount of Fee’z, but it’s optional.

Beware, a creation needs to be made of at least 5 items.

How to use the sewing machine?

-Choose an outfit worn by your doll in one of your rooms.

-Right-click it

-Choose the option “Display the sewing machine” to preview your outfit.
Beware, your outfit will be sewed exactly as in the preview! If you don’t like the preview, modify your creation inside of the room before sewing.

-Choose your sewing mode:

*Sew: your elements will be sewed directly together.
*Copy: you will obtain a copy of your sewed creation.


-Wait for the sewing machine to finish its task

-Get your creation back

-Find your creation in your loft and in your inventory, section “My creations”!

Notes :

-The creations from the sewing machine cannot be used a second time by the sewing machine.
-An item created by a player always displays his name (right-click the item to see it).
-The items that have been subjected to free rotation may look slightly displaced (one pixel generally) or slightly blurry (anti-aliasing). Our team is currently investigating this issue, which appeared when we introduced the possibility to rotate or flip back an item.
-The creations made through the sewing machine are not refundable.

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