ICE AXE Update: Patch notes



“Stellar year 32, Wind line, Collapsed Realms

Tonight’s expedition revealed curious turbulence in the paradoxical attraction layer. The protecting waves of the Great Weaver retracted. There isn’t much time left before the call signal, and this could very well endanger our preparations.”

Extract from Forgust’s logbook, stored in the archives
of the Institute of Ethereal Travel and Unrestricted Movements

06-12-16 NOTICE UNREPORTED – We have modified some spell costs to make them easy to use in a game or slow down their ability to snowball.

Mines: 50 > 20
Missiles: 50 > 20
Chain lightning: 110 > 80
Energy: 80 > 110

He had been announced in the previous patch notes and will be revealed this week! Meet the latest mercenary to enter the arena: Forgust! He is an experienced adventurer, cut out to survive the dangers of the jungle. He can rebuild destroyed walls and booby-trap monster camps. We think he will add a new strategic dimension to the game and we are eager to see the moves you will pull with him! Try your luck to loot him in the Wicked, Superb and Majestic Chests or be sure to add him to your team with the Merc Chest.

In addition to this release, we made two new spells available and balanced Vernomn, Kooky and Kaûro. A few bugs have been corrected as well.

The Féérik Games team.



We have completely reworked the tutorial for newcomers. We made it more complete, it will help you to trigger your mercs’ abilities, discover the secrets of the jungle or use your spells. Throughout this phase, you will win chests to efficiently equip yourself against your opponents!


Two new types of chests have been implemented to help you to increase your collection!

Destruction Chest

This chest can be obtained by collecting stars: during your games, get one star for each building you destroy! In case of a victory, the opponent’s remaining buildings are destroyed, which means you are sure to collect 5 stars in one go. Once you have collected twenty stars, the chest immediately opens for a sweet reward: spell cards, mercenaries and gold in abundance!

Open Chest

This chest is gifted to you every four hours and immediately opens, granting you a bigger chance to loot a Rare card. You can have maximum two chests pending.



Who wants to find Forgust’s weak point and remind him of a distant past would have to look for a leather suitcase, faded by time and stored in the basement of the Institute of Ethereal Travel and Unrestricted Movements. Inside of it, a photograph would be found, a picture of a young man, already wearing small, iron-rimmed glasses, and surrounded by a team of smiling, friendly-looking people. Of this team, which was the Institute’s very first research section, Forgust is the only one who survived. And no one ever discovered what happened in the jungle of the Realms.

As a great scientist and explorer, Forgust is a mercenary with a gift for trapping his opponents. Put in a team, he shows great utility and proves to be formidable at weakening his opponents or hindering their movements.

Scorched Jungle

NOUVEAU When Forgust captures a jungle monster, he obtains the usual flasks and additional move, but also transforms the monster into a lur. The enemy who captures the lur obtains no flasks, no additional movement and is granted the opposite effects of the buff.

  • Flame Monster: the enemy suffers damage over time.
  • Cactus Monster : the enemy suffers damage from his own retaliation.
  • Onde de choc Monster: the shockwave caused by the enemy doesn’t deal damage, but heals your allies.

Use Scorched Jungle to anticipate more easily the enemy’s movements: experienced opponents will be aware that their own jungle can be trapped. They will then have no other choice but to use the river and the lanes, making them waste time and reducing their options. If they prefer to move through monster camps, use it to your advantage.


NEWWhen Forgust crosses a destroyed wall, he can rebuild it exactly as it was.

Use Terraforming to rebuild the walls close to the enemy base: this will allow you to block your opponents inside, while your allies use the walls for destructive rebounds. Terraforming can also come in useful when it comes to kill the Octopus: walls equal rebounds. Rebuilding walls also allows surprising attacks: Forgust can hit an enemy and rebuild a wall at the same time, a wall on which he can then bounce to hit the enemy a second time.


A jungler can be used in different ways. He can provide temporary support in a lane, be a great threat by ambushing opponents or simply strike where he isn’t expected. In any case, a jungler is a mercenary with high mobility, taking greater advantage of the jungle than others. Kooky has a unique way of doing so: she has been designed as a finisher. While her teammates keep the opponent busy, she can freely use her mobility to take down enemy defense.

For this reason, her ability to reanimate allies seems to be one tool too many and we thus decided to remove it. There already is a Resurrection spell that can be used to gain a temporary advantage, which can then be turned into a game changer if wisely exploited, but there is no need for an overpowering ability that seals the outcome of the game before it even starts.

Tormented Souls

DELETED RESURRECTION – Kooky can no longer reanimate a dead ally upon crossing him.

ABSORPTION – Absorbing allied souls is no longer an AUTO skill, but becomes a TAP skill.


The utility of outposts still focuses on boosting your allies’ mobility, but using them should also involve taking risks and differ from the Teleportation spell.

Jungle Outposts

NEW DISTANCE – Teleportation takes more or less time to channel based on the distance between the mercenary and the outpost to reach. The greater the distance, the closer channeling time gets to 3 seconds. The shorter the distance, the closer channeling time gets to 0.5 seconds.

DELETED HEAL – Mercs are no longer healed when they teleport to a jungle outpost.

DELETED RESTART – Mercs no longer gain a Speed bonus when they teleport to a jungle outpost.


In order to counter Kaûro’s invulnerability and his powerful attacks, one must break his shield. But to do so, too many movements are required, which often leads to waste a whole round on it. Consequently, we decided to decrease the number of hits needed to destroy the shield.

Cold-blooded channeling

TAKING BLOWS – The shield can take 2 hits (from a mercenary, building, spell, etc.) and breaks at the third one.

NEWBREAK – When Kaûro takes a hit that breaks his shield, he receives the damage of that hit.


VANGUARD – The ability now triggers in AUTO.


BINDING SHACKLES – The ability now triggers in AUTO.


SHARPED CRYSTALS – The ability now triggers in AUTO.


NEW STATUE (Epic) – Each of your Mercs transforms into a statue after his movement. If they get hit, they don’t move but make the hitter rebound twice as much. This effect stops after a certain number of hits. Upgrading the spell increases this number.

NEW JUNGLE MASTERY (Common) – Increases the efficiency of jungle buffs by a certain percentage. Upgrading the spell increases this percentage.

DELETED The Teleportation spell no longer heals once the mercenary has recalled to base.



We have kept an eye on your interest for the Octopus, the best objective for those who want to turn the tables, and it proved to be too often neglected. We decided to grant it new abilities, more adapted to the game’s progression. We also speeded up the process to kill it for more dynamic fights at the center of the river. Attack!

DELETED OU EST L’ORBE ? – The Octopus used to hide an Orb in one of its tentacles, and this particular tentacle was the only one that could be hit by mercs. The objective was to find the Orb in the last remaining tentacle to obtain its powers.

NEW ELIMINATION – Eliminate all the tentacles to rob the Octopus of its powers. A mercenary gets rid in one blow of the tentacles he hits, but beware! This will trigger the attack of the other surrounding tentacles.

The power of the Octopus transforms the mercenary who killed it into a powerful creature, equipped with two new abilities:

NEW AUTO – Black Venom

The creature poisons every mercenary it hits. Its victims lose health points at each start of a round. The effect of the venom stops if the creature dies or when its transformation ends.

NEW TAP – Deadly Grip

The creature captures the opposing mercenary in a cage of tentacles, which stops him from dematerializing: he can no longer teleport, recall to base or use abilities like Scattering Shards (Orbital) or War Banner (Skara). The mercenary can escape Deadly Grip if he is touched by an ally.

DELETED PIERCING HIT – The mercenary buffed by the octopus no longer benefits from a Piercing Hit against buildings.

DELETED ADDITIONAL MOVE – The mercenary buffed by the octopus no longer benefits from an additional move.

The octopus respawns four rounds after being eliminated. The effects of a mercenary’s transformation into a creature stop when a new octopus spawns.


NEW GLIDING – From now on, jungle monsters tumble upon being captured by a mercenary. To be clear, this is only a visual improvement.

NEW JUNGLE BUFF – The appearance of jungle buffs worn by mercs have been improved for more clarity.

NEW FLASKS MINE IN THE ROCKS – You earn one Flask when one of your mercs hits a wall.


NEW ABILITY INDICATOR – When a mercenary’s aiming arrow is hovered over an ability triggering element, like an enemy, a rock or a jungle monster, the name of the ability is displayed. This option can be deactivated in the settings.

NEW BUYING A LEVEL – In the in-game store, a visual effect has been added to highlight when the level of your Mercs has been upgraded.


NEW QUEST REMINDER – You can access a reminder of your ongoing daily quests during the loading of your games.

GAME ENDING – You faced a difficult opponent and would like to know his secrets? You admire his style and wish to have him in your clan? The end game screen now displays new information: find your opponent’s name, lineup, spells and their level.

MATCH HISTORY – The match history has been re-implemented. It is accessible through the Match TV in the Event tab.

NEW ACCOUNT – A shortcut to your account information has been added in the Event tab. The shortcut that could be found on your account’s level (top left of the screen) has been removed.

NEW CHEST OPENING – New visual effects have been added on the cards obtained during the opening of a chest. They indicate when you can upgrade a mercenary or a spell.

NEW DON’T FORGET – When you accept a quest but don’t have the according mercenary in your lineup, you are automatically redirected to your collection to add him to your squad.


JUNGLE BUFFS – Correction of a bug where mercs could pass through jungle monsters without getting the buff.

ESOTROD – Esotrod can no longer activate Magnetic Field more than once in a single movement.

AETHER – Her Binding Shackles now disappear on dead mercs.

OCTOPUS – Using the double hit granted by the Octopus’ buff no longer consumes the spell Piercing Hit.

CHEST – In certain cases, the time counter displayed on a chest showed that it could be open although there was still some time left before opening it. This bug has been corrected.

BUY BUTTON – The in-game button to upgrade your mercs’ level sometimes didn’t appear anymore although the maximum level wasn’t reached. This bug has been corrected.

POST-TUTORIAL – A player who finished the tutorial could be sent to the tutorial again instead of playing a real game. This bug has been corrected.

CLAN MESSAGE – Correction of a bug where a player wouldn’t be warned when trying to join a clan without enough score points.

CHEST DISPLAY – Correction of a bug that affected the display of information about mercs and chests.

COLLECTION DISPLAY – Correction of a bug that affected the sorting of spells and the display of their level and rarity in the Collection.

ACCOUNT CHANGING – Correction of a bug that affected the loading of data and language after changing one’s account. Stabilisation of account changing when launching the app on Android.

“BACK BUTTON” ON ANDROID – Correction of a bug where the “Back” button wouldn’t work correctly.


NEW SELECTION – We improved the in-game selection of mercs, making it faster and more intuitive.

NEW IN-GAME RARITY – The rarity and level of spells are displayed in the in-game shop as well as upon being activated.

NEW SO IT WAS YOU? – The name and country of your opponent is now displayed in his base.

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