[Chat] Closing of the official chat

Greetings dollz,

It’s with a particular feeling of nostalgia that we are announcing the closing of the game’s chat, effective on the 6th of September 2016.

Due to a high number of bugs, behavioral abuse, and the impossibility to create tools for efficient moderating (due to the chat’s age), we’ve had to face the facts and have decided to close it on all versions of the game.
This decision was made for everybody’s comfort, but it’s not permanent, because we hope to one day completely rebuild it and bring you a positive game experience. In the meantime, messaging and comment boxes are still functional, as well as the forum to stay in touch with your friends!
The chat will be back, in some shape or form.

Concerning the chat moderators – Cocobelle, Darkelfqueen, Fairykisses, Hayley77 and Willowskye – we are extremely grateful for all the volunteer work they offered, keeping everything under control and allowing the players to enjoy the game in a peaceful environment. From the entire team: Thank you.
We hope that these past years have bought you fond memories and friendships, and that the years to come will bring you even more!


Have a great week on OhMyDollz!

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