[Collector’s chest] Discover the items of the week!

Hello dollz!

A brand new collector’s chest is available!

Discover this week a Collector’s chest based on the theme of the Bollywood quest! What will you get by opening the chest?

Play and win one random item in the list! Each time you play, the won item is colored in gray in the list, which makes it more likely to get the next ones!


How does it work? It’s simple:

Click “Play” to launch the game and let luck select for you an item from the chest’s list!

Once an item is obtained, it will appear in gray in the list. As long as the grid isn’t entirely gray, you can get each item only once. In that way, you won have two of the same item until it the whole grid is won!

Once you’ve obtained all the items, you can still keep playing if you want to and get copies of them.

There are in all 20 items in the chest! 😉

Important: if before this event you already possessed some of these items in your inventory, they won’t be taken into account. The opening of the chest will allow you to get copies of them.

Find the grids of the passed weeks!

To change grids, you only have to spend a few $$$. The grid will be as you left it, with the already grayed boxes. But the cost of the grid is reset, so you can play again every grid with your $$$ this time! It’s your chance to take advantage of your favorite grids even more!

The collector’s chest is available until Sunday evening at midnight.

To access the page of this offer, click the button in the current offers, on the left side of the game’s website:


Have a nice week-end on OhMyDollz!

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