[Special Fashion Show] The great ball of OhMyDollz’ Anniversary!

Hear ye, hear ye! Fair ladies and gentlemen!

The great Anniversary Celebration has started,
Fine Dollz, to step forward you’re invited,
Wear your most sumptuous jewelry and dress,
OhMyDollz’ great ball is there, time to impress!

IMPORTANT : For this special fashion show, the previous Misses (less than 6 months) can also participate.

>> For this theme, no matter the period or your universe (realistic, fantastic, futuristic, imaginary), create an outfit for the ball organized in honor of  OhMyDollz’ Anniversary!

Join the theme ” The great ball of OhMyDollz’ Anniversary! ” by registering your dollz starting Tuesday 23rd August at 10:00.
Registrations will close Monday 29th August
at 10 am, so take your time to prepare your creation.


ATTENTION : Unique rewards for this Special Anniversary Fashion Show!

The new Miss OhMyDollz will win a mega shopping session with an access to all the stores for 9 days and 90 $$$ to enjoy it even more! She will also win the Miss’ crown and sash, as well as 9 item multipliers, 9 tokens and 9 gift vouchers!

The second winner will win 50 $$$, as well as 9 item multipliers, 9 tokens and 9 gift vouchers!

The third winner will win 30 $$$, as well as 9 item multipliers, 9 tokens and 9 gift vouchers!

4th to 10h position will win 15 $$$!

To register for this loft show you will need to meet the following requirements:

Store Requirements:
– Use at least 2 elements from Sarah’s Shop    http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/officielle-1.png

Atmosphere Requirements:

– A ball dress (long) that reflects your universe (fantastic/ imaginary/ futuristic/ realistic, no matter the period)


– Short or half-long outfits
– Secondary characters (human / animal)
– Elements around the doll and at her feet
– Gifts to give to friends, the playtem gifts and those from the Gazette
– Models dressed and characters *
– Ready-made outfits **

* ATTENTION: Are considered as “dressed up models” all characters that do not belong to the second skin types, dollz, dollz’back and dollz’men.

** ATTENTION: Are considered as “ready-made” non-customized outfits. You must customize your outfit to at least 50%.

Who will be the most admired player at this ball?

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