[Bank] Special offer on all the bonuses!

Greetings dollz!

This weekend, make the most of unbelievable sales on all the bank’s bonuses, as well as the item multiplier’s return!


Make the most of these incredible special offers!


The return of the item multiplier!

Discover or rediscover the item multiplier to make copies of your favorite items! All the items in your inventory are “copiable”, this is a great opportunity to get several copies of exclusive items!

Rooms and room music!

The bank’s rooms, as well as their extensions, are all half-off!

Get a room for 75 Fee’z (instead of 150 Fee’z) and a room extension for 40 Fee’z (instead of 75 Fee’z) !

Reminder: to enlarge a room, you must already own the room in question.

But that’s not all! Make the most of the sale on background music!

Each song is available for only 40 Fee’z (instead of 75 Fee’z)!

Bonus tokens, gift vouchers, and experience points!

Get 50 tokens for 99 Fee’z (instead of 25 tokens)!

Make the most of these two rare offers!

Get 5 experience points for 90 Fee’z (instead of 115 Fee’z)!

And get 2 gift vouchers for 45 Fee’z (instead of 1 gift voucher)!

Go on the bank’s page to take advantage of these offers!


You have until Sunday, the 21st of August at 11:59 PM (CEST) to make the most of these special offers!

Have fun on OhMyDollz!


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