[New] New event : Collectors Chest!

Hello dollz!

This week-end, discover a new little event in the game: the collector’s chest!

Play and win a random item from the list! Each time you play, the won item is put in gray on the list, which gives you a better chance to get the next ones you want!


How does it work? It’s simple:
Click “play” to randomly select an item, and you will be able to buy it! If you already had that draw previously, it will appear in gray on the list. You will be able to obtain each item on the list only once during this event.
However, if you already possess some of these items in your inventory, this event will allow you to get a copy of them!
There are in total 20 different items in this chest ; )

The collector’s chest is available until Sunday at midnight. (CET hour)
To access the corresponding page, click the button in the current offers, on the left part of the game’s website!


Have a nice week-end on OhMyDollz!

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