ORIFLAMME Update : Patch Notes

“Oriflamme” UPDATE


Go to battle with your oriflamme and reaffirm your support to your clan!

Greetings BAClash players! This update is the first one to be released with patch notes. It’s a process that will be implemented more regularly from now on, to ensure a greater transparency and level of information.

This new version and its modifications are devoted to Clans and Mercenaries. Changes and improvements have been made to strengthen the bonds between players of a same clan, and also to deepen skills and items related combos. Community and Gameplay deepness are the two areas of the game we wanted to focus on for this patch, and we will pursue our efforts towards these elements in the weeks to come.

It is also a major update with the arrival of events! Events are a new feature that will allow you to battle against new players at given key moments of the day and earn meaningful rewards every day of the week.

As usual, we invite you to come discuss it on the boards: what you think about these events, how the changes brought to mercenaries will affect the game, what expectations you have concerning clans, etc. We will keep our ears open to what you have to say!

The Féérik Games team.


NEW EVENTS – Events are small challenges or objectives to complete in order to earn rewards such as Gold, Experience, Runes or even Ranking points! Sometimes you will have to be the first to complete a challenge or participate with your clan to get the reward. The objectives are various and will pop at different moments of the day for a limited time! To know when the next event starts and what it consists in, check out the news displayed on the homepage.

NEW CLAN BANNERS – Proudly fly your flag! Each clan can display it’s country or continent by choosing a flag. The flag appears in rankings, clan profiles and search results.

NEW NICKNAME CHANGING – Go to your profile page to change your nickname if you didn’t do it at the end of the tutorial. Choose it wisely, next time you want to change it, it will cost you 699 Gems.

NEW RUNE PROGRESSION – Stay informed at all times about your rune collection and its evolution! Discover which ones you need to reach the next level and  set your own objectives to be equipped in the best way possible!

NEW MERCENARY COLLECTION – To make information about your mercenaries more accessible, we added a Collection tab with a list of available mercenaries: tap the mercenary you want to view and a detailed presentation will pop. You will find thhe composition of your team in the Line Up tab.



Sylden is a support who too often ends up being a bigger threat than damage focused mercenaries. His role is to back up is allies with the original tools at his disposal: modifying the mercenaries’ movements or shapes. We decided to refocus his skills around that objective.

Hidden seeds

SEED PLANTING – Slight changes have been brought to the way Sylden plants his seeds in order to improve their visibility and make their trajectory easier to predict. When seeds hit an obstacle, they bounce a bit further away. We are not fully satisfied yet with the result and we will keep working on it for the next updates.

ATTACK BUFF – The attack buff granted by the seeds isn’t limited in time anymore. Instead, it only counts for the next hit, then disappears. Sylden doesn’t trigger his own seeds anymore.

NEW SEED STACKING – The amount of seeds  Sylden can plant on the map is now limited to 10. Once 10 seeds are planted, planting new ones will automatically make older ones disappear.

DEVIATION – When an enemy steps on a seed, he gets blocked and moves back. The deviation works now slightly differently: the mercenary still moves back, but in a random direction.

Noxious Cloud

Modifying the mercenaries’ shape is an interesting concept to us because it offers multiple possibilities, whether it affects allies or enemies, for offense or defense. That’s why we decided to grant both effects to Sylden: size reduction for allies and size increase against enemies.

SHRINKING CLOUD – Unchanged. Triggers when Sylden hits an ally. We liked the way you used it to defend your base or get the Octopus buff.

NEW EXPANDING CLOUD – New effect. Triggers when Sylden hits an enemy. Increasing the enemy’s size can be used to reduce his mobility (e.g. between rocks). Also, a bigger enemy is an enemy easier to hit, thus more vulnerable to damage.


Rampant Observatory

NEW VISION – The area covered by Rampant Observatory now reveals enemies hiding in the bushes.


Mental control

This skill has two objectives: changing the Allegiance of the controlled mercenary and Silence his skills. We slightly adjust the skill to be true to these objectives. Regulating all the possible combos will be part of the thorough work planned for the next updates.

NEW VISION – Mercenaries put under Aether’s spell have reduced vision.

STAKEMental control doesn’t place by default a starting point (stake) for Binding Shackles. Aether will have to apply a second hit to the controlled mercenary to place a stake.

Binding shackles

DURATION OF THE STAKES – The stakes only last three rounds and disappear afterwards.

NEW SHACKLE RESISTANCE – If a mercenary bound with shackles is eliminated, his links disappear but stay attached to the other mercenaries.



NEW MENTAL PROTECTION – The shield granted by Esotrod to his allies is equipped with a protection against Aether’s Mental Control. If an enemy tries to trigger this skill, he won’t be able to complete its activation. The protection lasts as long as the shield is active.



The Hammer is a great tool for destroying buildings and we wish to keep it that way. Yet it remains a low risk, high reward item throughout the entire game.

Consequently, we remove the heal granted by the Hammer at its first evolution and we balance its power spiking during the game. This will add value to alternative items such as the Seven-league Boots or the Maraudeur’s Potion and reward players who quickly collect Stars to make their items evolve.

NORMAL: Killing an enemy grants a piercing hit against Towers for the duration of his death.

FIRST EVOLUTION: Killing an enemy grants a piercing hit against Gates for the duration of his death.

SECOND EVOLUTION: Killing an enemy grants a piercing hit against Cores for the duration of his death.

The Piercing hit buff counts as a double attack against buildings.


The Warhorn is an item dedicated to team-playing line ups and facilitates mercenary combos for damage maximization and control. This is the reason why we reinforce its utility by  moving the effect of its first evolution at its basic level and by removing the shield, which isn’t part of Warhorn‘s possible effects anymore:

NORMAL: Each ally has an aura the size of its Vision range. When two auras or more cross each others, they trigger additional effects. TWO AURAS – the Attack of enemies in range is reduced by 10%.

FIRST EVOLUTION: THREE AURAS – Regeneration, Life Steal and other healing sources of enemies in range are reduced by 20%.


The size of auras isn’t affected anymore by the size reduction or increase caused by the skill Noxious Cloud.


JUNGLE – Buffs granted by jungle camps don’t increase mercenaries’ size anymore.

NEW SILENCE – Interruptions of enemy skill activation caused by the Maraudeur’s Potion and Esotrod’s skill Vanguard are from now on displayed on screen by a feedback indicating the player’s inability to tap for skill completion. These interruptions are an alteration called Silence.


VISION – Fog of war has been reworked to reduce vision related bugs. It has also been slightly improved visually to stress the difference between blue side and red side.

OCTOPUS – Correction of the bug where the mercenary taking control of the Octopus didn’t gain additional movement.

OCTOPUS – Correction of the bug where the mercenary taking control of the Octopus didn’t gain additional Health points and kept his initial Health point bar.

ORBITAL – Correction of the bug where a Tower attack on Orbital while scattering himself would cause him to disappear permanently. He now correctly dodges the attack and reappers normally, either next to the last crystal thrown at the enemy, or at the end of the skill effect.


NEW JOIN A CLAN – You earn 50 Gold upon joining a clan for the first time.

NEW CONFIRMATION TO LEAVE A CLAN – When leaving a clan, a confirmation window will pop up in order to avoid mistakes.

NEW “GO BACK” BUTTON ON ANDROID – Each menu or informational window can be closed by pressing the “Go back” button available on every Android smartphone.

NEW ACCOUNT BINDING – You can bind your Google Play account (Android) to a Game Center account (IOS) and vice versa.

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