[Flash Sales + Packs] Skin Effects

Hi dollz!

Today and tomorrow only, make the most of this special “Retake Flash Sale” :

In a bundle of 4 pieces at a special price, these 4 special effects “neon veins” are available without the black skin underneath! With this special offer, you can have them for 12,5$$$ piece instead of 20$$$.

If you wish to complete your collection, roll over the offer button on your left on the website!

This offer ends on Tuesday, 28th 23h59 CET.

Please note : these items are not included in the previous Skin Packs nor in the Flash Store.


Do you wish to change your skin? Turn your doll into fantasy creatures with our new collector special effects! Sparkles, Marble, Tattoos, Animal Skin, Robots… let your imagination roll!


New! To purchase these skin effects, you have 2 choices.

-Do you wish to purchase a special price bundle? Make your choice and select one or mroe of our skin packs !
To access pack offers, click on the “offer” button on the left corner of your screen.

Pack “Elements”
3 full “skins” (marble and foliage) + 1 sparkling makeup in 4 colors
Total 6 items

Pack “Animals”
6 full “skins” (snake and panthera)
Total 7 items

Pack “Tattoos”
1 skin effect “fully tattooed” + a lot of tattoos (10 henna piece in 2 colors and 4 tribal piece in 3 colors) !
Total 33 items

Pack “Post-Apo”
6 special effects (Road Warrior, 3D printed and Neon Veins) + robots parts (7 cyber et 7 steam) !
Total 21 items

These packs will be available until sunday 23:59 CET.

-Do you wish to purchase only selected items?

These items will show up this weeend using the same system than “Happy Hour”, so they’ll be available in $$$!!
Note : These are NOT “standard” Happy Hours. These items are all exclusive and collectors! Their initial price of 100$is a DEFAULT automated price, not the item real value. During this event, you’ll be able to get these items at Stores prices!

How does it work?

When you see this button http://blog.feerik.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/btn_happyday_off.png  an item is available !

Items time schedule :
Pack Animals items (6), saturday June 25, starting 11 am (CET)
Pack Elements items (7), saturday June 25, starting 2 pm (CET)
Pack Post-Apo items (21), saturday June 25, starting 5 pm (CET)
Pack Tattoos items (33), sunday June 26, starting 11 am (CET)

Roll over your mouse on the item to see what it looks like real size. Click on the “buy” link to get the item. You can take it multiple times!

Each item will show only during 15 minutes. When 15 minutes are ending, another item will take its place. Be careful to not miss anything!

Detail henna tattoo pieces :
10 pieces, 2 colors

Detailtribal tatto pieces :
4 pieces, 3 colors

Detail robot parts :
7 pieces, 2 colors

All other items are made of only one piece.

Let’s transform onr OhMyDollz!

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