[Symbol Hunt] Hunt the pirates’ treasure!

Hello dollz!

Ready to look for a fabulous treasure in the middle of the sea?

Catch all the pirate symbols to win a beautiful outfit and the treasure!


Note that the model isn’t included in the gifts, only the outfit and items are offered with the hunt.

By mousing over the text “150 Fee’z”, you will see in detail what items can be won. This will come in handy to view the gifts separately.

How does the symbol hunt work?

Search thoroughly through all the pages of the game and click all the symbols you will see! You have to collect 50 of them!

Once you have your 50 symbols, click the “Exchange” button in the current offers to get your gift:


You have until Friday midnight to catch them all!

Find the hunt symbols at the Playa store and complete your treasure map!


You have no time or wish to hunt all the symbols? You have the possibility to complete the hunt in one go by paying 150 Fee’z. You will then be credited with your gifts.

Using Fee’z doesn’t delete the hunt from your account. It stays active as long as all the symbols are not found and exchanged. This means you can always have the free outfit additionally.

If you wish to have several copies of the outfit, you can use Fee’z as long as the hunt isn’t completed. Once your symbols have been exchanged, you have no longer the option to use Fee’z. There’s only one free outfit.

Good symbol hunt!

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