[Flash Sale] Lady Luck and bonus!

Hi dollz !

It’s Friday 13rd, are you superstitious? Lady Luck is coming on OhMyDollz !


Lady Luck outfit and its exclusive model

Get “Lady Luck” complete outfit with its exclusive freckled model for a price, until Sunday 15th 12.00 pm (Paris GMT hour). Have fun with this beautiful playing-card themed set, made of 9 pieces, its exclusive doll model and its over-cute lucky bunny! Total of 11 pieces.

Wait… More is coming! When buying Lady Luck, she can offer you an exceptional chance to get one of these 13 listed rooms as a bonus gift!

-“Rainbow Room” (Fantasy tab)

– “Boutique” (City tab)

– “China” (Trip tab)

-“Airship” (Fantasy tab)

-“Fun Fair” (Party tab)

-“Hawaii” (Trip tab)

-“Ice Palace” (Winter tab)

-“Newlywood” (City Tab)

-“New York” (City Tab)

-“Panthercave” (Royal tab)

-“Cake Shop” (City tab)

-“Buddhist Temple” (Trip tab)

-“Western” (Cinema tab)

1 of 13 chance of winning a free random room, from this list of 13, only for the rooms you don’t own yet! Will Lady Luck smile to you?

To go to the Flash Sale, click here or click the current offer button :


Good luck on OhMyDollz !

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