[OhmyBoutique] New collection coming soon!

Hi dollz!
History of dust a little OhMyGames, The team plans to renew the complete contents of the OhMyBoutique February 29!

If you have not yet obtained all objects hurry it will soon be too late! The new collection arrives Monday, February 29, and will definitely replace the current collection!


What are the OhMyGames?
The OhMyGames are mini-games that earn you points that you can get exclusive content in the “OhMyBoutique”.

To go for a ride in the mini games, click on the OHMYGAMES menu under your avatar. Several games are waiting for you:

“OhMyDance” You have to follow the arrows and press in rhythm to the music!
“OhMyTicket” A scratch game to earn points, and chips!
“OhMyTwist” Be logical and speed to line up the symbols!
“OhMyFashion” Catch the clothes your client throws!

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