The Cursed of Nehant

The Cursed of Nehant

Meh-Teh’s roar resounded even in the deepest caves under the oceans of Guem and even reached the den of the Cursed of Nehant.
The colossal Abigor heard Meh-Teh’s powerful call. His awakening left no doubt. The era of the Colossi had arrived and only one single person on Guem knew its meaning.

What is this?

“The Cursed of Nehant” is an event on Eredan iTCG during which you can obtain numerous cards as well as the new character card “Abigor” and the Colossus “Abigor, the Cursed”.

How can I get them?

Until Wednesday, January 20th at noon (CET), you can enter the cursed arena to obtain nehantic shards. You get more shards when you win.
You can also find nehantic shards in the Boosters for 399/400 Fee’z.

Those shards allow you to get many cards such as Abigor, his colossal version and his spear.

You can also use them to buy a Newcomer Booster or surprise cards in the Event store!

Enjoy the game!

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