Forbidden Invocation

The Mekalchemist was trying to mix a new health potion in many different experiments. One of them consisted of extracting humanoid essences built from pure elements, then merging them using an araknoid cocoon.

Nothing could prepare the Mekalchemist to what he was creating.

What is it?

The forbidden invocation is an element on Eredan iTCG during which you can obtain many cards, such as the new character Arakna.

How can I get them?

Until Tuesday, November 24th at noon (CET), you will be able to fight three legendary creatures to try to get the ingredients needed for Arakna. Furthermore, every victory gets you some gold.

You also get 500 gold in every 399/400 Fee’z Booster.

This gold allows you to gather the ingredients faster and also gives you the possibility to purchase a surprise card in the events store!

During this event, you can also obtain the booster “Memory of the Mekalchemist”, including “The Mekalchemist”, “Sol’Ra Avatar” and “Health potion”, as well as 36 of the newest cards.

Enjoy the game!

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