[Fashion Show] New theme: Steampunk!

A quick glance at my watch. The pressure is at its peak. Two of the greatest inventors of my age invited me to discuss my research. To say that my discoveries could revolutionize the whole world! I contemplate the city from the café window where I go, quietly waiting for the arrival of Jules and George Herbert. The capital is buzzing with its beautiful sky flying machines and steam columns that rise into the air. I would not trade my present steampunk against anything.

Do you know the steampunk? It is originally a literary style born of the writings of authors such as Jules Verne or HG Wells (to name only the best known), and visually inspired by the work of artists like Albert Robida. Many years later, steampunk has built a community, a clothing aesthetic, artistic, cinematic. The style continues to expand and gain followers, both in reality and on Ohmydollz.

For this theme, be original by dressing your doll dressed steampunk!

Join the theme “Steampunk” by entering your Dollz from Tuesday, November 17 at 10:00.
Registration will end Monday, November 23 at 10 am, so take your time to plan your creation.


• To register for the Fashion Show you will need to be within the following prerequisites
– Use at least two items from the Crystae store http://us.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/us/crystae-1.png

• Room requirements:
– A steampunk outfit (subgenres allowed as steampunk is recognizable)
– At least three wheels (already in the holding, or added)
– A pair of goggles or a pair of aviator glasses or a pair of round glasses glasses

• Prohibited:

– Ready-made outfits *
– The second character
– Gifts of the Gazette and gifts between friends

WARNING: will be considered as “ready-made” non-customized outfits. You must accessorize a minimum.

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