[VIP] Subscription: Return of the VIP List!

Hi Dollz!

The list for VIP gifts is available again!

For each subscription made before tuesday, october 13th at noon, you will be able to choose up to 3 items from the VIP list, which cntains a selection of collector items from the game!

All VIP’s with a weekly subscription will of course get the 3 tickets directly!

Attention: You can only get the 3 tickets once until october 13th. Subscribing several times will not increase this number.


Reminder of the VIP benefits:

– Access to the VIP villa! The room that has been exclusively designed for VIPs.

– Access to the VIP store with its exclusive collections!

– Weekly sales: -30 % each saturday on a different store!

– A weekly gift: Receive a collector item every friday!

– Twice the amount of votes to give: 40 daily votes instead of 20.

– Free $$$ ! Your account is credited with 35 $$$ every friday! But there’s more: Your salary is doubled!

– 6 tokens credited each week!

– An additional day to finish quests!

You can also cumulate subscription days to receive exclusive rewards!


Reminder: If your prepaid subscription comes to an end, you have 30 days to subscribe again before losing your cumulated days.

Important: All players subscribed to the VIP status before june 25th 2015 will stay on the old formula as long as they wish tol, or until their subscription expires if the subscription was prepaid.

Enjoy the game!

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