Card release: The Cleaner

New cards have been released on Eredan iTCG:

Corrodor. Rare. One handed Powder Weapon. Unique. Marauder. Human. Permanent. Dual Wield. Deals 1 direct damage point to your opponent as this card comes into game, then your Marauders have Attack +0/+2. If played by “The Cleaner”: Your Marauders have Attack +1/+0.

Extraction Grenades. Rare. One handed Powder Weapon. Pirates. Marauder. Duration 4 turns. Choose an opposing character and attach this card to him. It becomes an Item Other. If the holder’s Health points are below 1, he suffers 10 direct damage points. At the end of the turn, the holder suffers 1 direct damage point.

Finishing Blade. Uncommon. Dagger. Maraduer. Pirates. Human. Duration 2 turns. Choose an opposing character, if he has 3 Health points or less, he suffers 4 direct damage points. Otherwise, this card becomes an Item Other and is attached to him, he suffers 1 direct damage point and has Defense -1. Chain Powder Weapon.

The Cleaner (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution: Common. Pirates. Marauder. Human. Spirit 1. Attack 6/11. Defense 1. Health points 13. Attack +1 against Priests. Attack +3/+5 against Marauders. Turns 4 or less: Gain Chain Powder Weapon.

The following cards are reeditions of older cards, we took the opportunity to upgrade them:

Shoot to the head. Rare. Action. Pirates. Maraudeur. Permanent. As this card activates and at the end of your next fights, if you hold a Powder weapon, an opposing character suffers 2 to 3 direct damage points. When the holder loses this card, an opposing character suffers 3 direct damage points. Chain Weapon.

Metal 1 – Fist 0. Uncommon. Action. Pirates. Duration 2 turns. Choose an opposing character, he suffers 2 direct damage points. Chain One handed Weapon. Mechanist: Defense +3 if you are wearing more than 2 Items. Marauder: +2 to direct damage points dealt by your characters if you are wearing at least 1 One handed Weapon.

Pirate grenade. Common. Potion. Pirates. Marauder. Craftsman. Warrior. Duration 5 to 7 turns. This card is attached to the opposing character if your character is not a Craftsman. As this card activates, the holder suffers 2 to 3 direct damage points for each “Pirate grenade” attached to him.

These cards are now available in the Newcomers Booster.

Enjoy the game!

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