The Colors of Spring

Katla is travelling the earth to help Spring growing into Summer! To celebrate this time of the year, we offer you to take up several challenges including a communitarian challenge and thus obtain exclusive cards!

This event starts today and ends at 2pm (CET) on May 27th.

The Seeds

Katla offers you to accomplish renewable missions and to win Seeds as a reward. You will find these missions at the background of the game-page:

  • Blue Seed: Play 15 Spells.
  • Red Seed: Play 15 Actions.
  • Green Seed: Defeat 6 characters, you must play against different players.
  • Yellow Seed: Play 15 Theurgies.
  • Magenta Seed: Play 15 Items.
  • Cyan Seed: Play 5 games, you must play against different players.

You can also complete these missions by paying 29 Fee’z.

These Seeds can then be planted in garden pots so they turn to Leaves or other things.

The Leaves

When you logged in you might have seen a door at the background of the game-page. It leads to the garden, which is the place where you can plant your Seeds in magic pots to create Leaves that will enable you to obtain new cards when you re-plant them.

If you want more Leaves, you can get 3 Rainbow Leaves in all the Standard Guilded, NewComer and Veteran Boosters. These Leaves can be turned into one of the 6 basic color Leaves.

Magic Pots

In the garden, you will find a magic pot in which you can plant both your Seeds and your Leaves. These plantations last 2 hours but can grow instantly for 39 Fee’z. Two additional pots are placed on either sides, you can unlock them thanks to trophies or buy them directly for 199 Fee’z each.

There are 27 official recipes.

Once you have accomplished 10 different official recipes, you win the More pots trophy and unlock another pot in the garden.

Once you have accomplished 20 different official recipes, you win the Even more pots trophy and unlock one more pot in the garden.

Then, when you have accomplished 27 recipes, and you have obtained the Summer Bow Item card, you have completed the Colors of Spring mission and will get the Katla character card as a reward.

A secret blend exists. The first one to discover it wins a legendary pack*.

A cooperative challenge

Planting seeds and making leaves grow is not just an individual mission, it is also a cooperation among players to accomplish a challenge.

This challenge must be carried out during this event. To achieve it, you must cumulate executed 7500 plantations! All the executed plantations are taken into account. If you accomplish the challenge, players who obtained more than 30 Seeds will get a surprise.


We are gonna set up a ranking system that will determine which clans have set up the highest number of plantations. The top 3 clans will winThe Spring Annunciators trophy.

What’s more each member of the clan that won the event will get a Mythical version of Melissandre with a text personalized for the clan.

What can I obtain during this event?

During this event you can:

– Obtain the Summer Bow Item by finding the specific recipe.

– Obtain Katla by accomplishing the Colors of Spring mission.

Katla. (3 evolutions in all). On the last evolution: Mythical. Mercenaries. Warrior. Elfine. Spirit 1. Attack 4/8. Defense 2. Health points 15. Cannot chain any card. Can play Bows and Arrows without restrictions. At the start of each fight, pick a card in your Hand, this card is played without restrictions. Your character deals an additional Attack that equals his Min Attack. Turns 2, 4 and 6: Attack +1/+0 until the end of the game.

Summer Bow. Exploit. Bow. Unique. Permanent. Your opponents have Defense -1. If played by Katla, all your characters have +1 to damage dealt, otherwise, the holder has +1 to damage dealt.

– Obtain the Return of Fair Weather Action and the character card Beltania through the special Memory of Spring booster.

Return of Fair Weather. Mythical, Action, Unique. Choose an active card in play. This card and “Return of Fair Weather” are removed from the game.

Beltania. Mythical. Character. Mercenaries. Priest. Human. Female. Spirit 0. Attack 0/0. Defense 0. Health points 14. No player can heal their characters. At the start of the fight, choose another character, your Attack, Defense and Spirit characteristics equal his until the end of the turn. Turns 1, 3 and 6: Defense +1 and Spirit +1 until the end of the game.

Enjoy the Game!

* The Legendary pack contains 150 cards selected randomly among all the Acts, including 1 legendary guilded Character*, 12 Rare, 48 Uncommon, 84 Common, 1 500XP Experience Destiny card, 3 200XP Experience Destiny cards and a “Foil” card which you can make a card you choose a Foil card with. This pack never copies two copies of the same card.

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