[Fashion show] New theme: Gothic VS Kawaii

Tomorrow night, I was invited to a big costume party with friends. It is a kind of battle where I should choose a style to defend: Gothic and Kawaii!
Fan of Japan, manga, cute little characters with their big eyes, I would not mind dressing in Kawaii style, it would be great fun and colorful!
But I love the dark world of Gothic, elegant outfits and mysterious. I have the soul of a romantic!
I really do not know what style to choose; and you, what is your favorite? »

>> For this theme, show originality and challenge Gothic or Kawaii!

10 am on Tuesday, you can register your Doll in the “Gothic VS Kawaii”
You have until Monday, March 2 to 10 hours to register for this theme, enjoy it to the end!


To register for this show you will need to meet the following requirements for each theme:

– 1 item Cosplay store http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/cosplay-1.png
– Represent a single character (male or female) in your favorite style make-up, hairstyle, clothing, accessories and shoes!

The Gothic style
This style is characterized above all by the use of black and dark colors, symbolizing the brand of the passage of time. Gothic outfits evoke a kind of eternal melancholy romanticism, Victorian or fantastic imagination. The Gothic love lace, satin, leather, sails, and accessorize their outfit by mystical or frightening details (like chains or cross).

Required for Gothic:
– Black or dark colors (light colors permitted in small touches)
– Precision: hair color is free

The KAWAII style
Kawaii means cute or adorable Japanese. This style is characterized by very childish clothing and accessories: lace, ruffles, pastel colors (especially pink), layering of colorful patterns, childlike expressions of the face (eyes and rosy cheeks) and an accumulation of accessories (watches, barrettes, nodes, stuffed animals …) to perfect the character!

Required for Kawaii:
– Light colors, pastels or tart (dark colors allowed in small touches)
– Precision: hair color is free

Banned for two themes:
– Fantastic elements
– Weapons
– The foot elements and around the dollz
– All the outfits made including those quests, shops and cabinets *
– The gifts for friends or Gazette

* WARNING: will be considered ‘ready made’ non-customized outfits, even for the quests already dressed mannequins. You must customize your dress / fashion model with maximum components (50%)

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