Card release: Captain Olaho

New cards have been released on Eredan iTCG:




Captain Olaho. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Common. Pirates. Warrior. Human. Spirit 1. Attack 7/9. Defense 2. Health points 15. Gain Chain if you play a Powder Weapon. Attack +2 until the end of the game if you play “Heavy Weapon”. Turns 1, 2 and 4: Spirit +1, all characters gain 2 “Powder” Tokens.

The following cards are reeditions of older cards, we took the opportunity to upgrade them:

Let my guns talk !. Uncommon. Action. Pirates. Warrior. Attack +1 for every 2 “Powder” Tokens attached to your character (+5 maximum). Activation: Your character gains 3 “Powder” Token. Permanent.

Always armed. Uncommon. Action. Pirates. Marauder. Warrior. Choose a powder Weapon worn by one of your allies, it is removed and played. Warrior: each character gains 2 “Powder” Tokens. Chain.

Tricorne. Common. Item of Clothing. Pirates. Heals 2 Health points. Attack +1 if your character has another Item attached to himself as this card activates. Permanent. Human: Chain.

These cards are now available in the Newcomers Booster.

Enjoy the game!

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