[Event] Scare the dollz!

Good Morning dollz!

Good news, this year heralds the return of an event that had a great impact Halloween in 2011!

How it works:

Scare your friends on Ohmydollz and win prizes!

To scare other dollz, simply click on the “Scare” button that appears under the avatars of your friends at the bottom of your form or when searching for a doll!

Scaring other dollz, you’ll earn candy that you can redeem against chests full of gifts! You can open every chest several times, but each time you get the same gifts.
For more candy, you can buy fee’z at the bank!
You have until Monday, October 31, 23:59 to scare a maximum of dollz! Bouuuuuuuh !!!

Here is a glimpse exceptional gifts this year inspired by a famous mansion no less famous amusement park …
Do you have any fears about Ohmydollz!

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