[Quest] The Anniversary Quest on OhMyDollz!

Sarah’s Birthday is near! We are waiting for this since a long time!

At this occasion, our Doll gets an unexpected telephone call:
The Dollz Lea, Cristina, Marie, Séverine, Christine, Dafne and Elsa ask her to help them with the preparations for Sarah’s surprise birthday party. You have to distract her and help organising the birthday party she always dreamed of!


During this quest, you can win an awesome party room, its extension and the two themes day/night!

But that’s not all! To celebrate the 7 years of the game, all those who finish the quest will automatically participate at a special raffle!

7 Dollz will be selected at random and win the room of a quest of their choice !
+ 7 Dollz will be selected at random and win 700$$$ !
+ 7 Dollz will be selected at random and win 70 Tokens for the OhMyGames !
+ 7 Dollz will be selected at random and win one week of VIP !

The more you progress in the story, the better the gifts get!
You have to answer mini enigmas to get bonus gifts!

Check the different color variants for the prerequisite items at Sarah’s shop http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/us/sarah-2.png
The store will be available until September 1st at noon.

Finish the quest until Wednesday, August 27th at noon (CET) to win all the gifts!!!

Let the party begin on OhMyDollz!

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