[Fashion Show] New Theme “Swag”

“The Swag style is very fashionable to OMDcity so I decided to put in the spotlight this week by organizing a big challenge” and you, can you have the Swag? ”

10am on Tuesday, you can register your Doll Parade SWAG fashion
You have until Monday, August 4, 10 hours to register your Doll this theme enjoy it until the end!


For this theme, show the world your mastery of SWAG style so popular in Ohmydollz City!

Use MINIMUM 1 store item basics


– A minimum tattoo
– A cap or hat
– Minimum two black elements
– Keeping realistic scrollable on a podium

– Long and/or wide skirts
– Wings, glitter and streamers
– Funds to hide the dollz to build over
– Stagings
– The models used other than as a second skin.
– Elements and around the feet of the dollz

And to help you in the composition of your outfit:



I remind you that if you can not follow the requirements of this theme, rather wait to the next may be worse draft pick or be banned for non-compliance of the theme.
CAUTION multi accounts being readmitted they are limited to three proposals per person, all abuse will be punished
The “Rules” of OhMyLoft contest are available from the homepage? Contest entry by clicking on “Rules” at the top right.
By applying on the topic of the contest theme of the moment, “Aid for Parades” can you check with the prerequisites of environments and objects are well respected!

So who will be the queen of SWAG on Ohmydollz?

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