Card release: Kahlel

New cards have been released on Eredan iTCG:



Kahlel. (3 evolutions in all). On its last evolution : Uncommon. Desert Nomads. Marauder. Solarian. Eclipse. Spirit 2. Attack 6/10. Defense 0. Health points 19. Attack +2 against Humans. If you play “Sol’ra Eclipse”, an Item from your Hand is played. Turns 1, 3 and 5: An Item from your Deck is placed in your Hand.

The following cards are reeditions of older cards, we took the opportunity to upgrade them:

Scorpio blow. Rare. Action. Desert Nomads. Marauder. This card is attached to the opposing character. Duration 5 turns. At the end of the fight, this character suffers 1 direct damage per Marauder or Nomad non-character card in play (6 maximum). Eclipse: Choose the character this card is attached to.

Sand blades. Common. Action. Desert Nomads. Marauder. Attack +2 and an additional Attack +1 for each character whose Defense is superior to 4. Eclipse: Defense = 2. Chain.

These cards are now available in the Newcomers Booster.

Enjoy the game!

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