[Fashion Show] New Theme “Free Theme”

“Exams are over, summer holiday is here, freedom!”

To celebrate the holidays, the theme of the fashion show is FREE, so enjoy and dazzle me with your creativity!

10am on Tuesday, you can register your Doll for the fashion show “Free Theme!”
You have until Monday, July 7th to register your Doll for this theme until it ends


For this Free theme, do what you want, the only rules to follow are:

– Use MINIMUM 1 element PLAYA http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/playa-1.png

Prerequisites: one single Doll wearing an outfit that is suitable for the catwalk.

Allowed (yes, even some banned …)
– Gifts from friends;
– Secondary Characters;
– Décor background to hide the dollz, floats around and the foot of the dollz;
– Animals.

So who will be the next queen of Ohmydollz?

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