[OhMyLoft] New Theme: “Exams!”

June usually means early vacation for many of OhMyCity inhabitants, but this year for me and a lot of the students its time for dreaded exams!!  So while others bask in the sun we got our books and are trying to absorb as much information as possible!! The date of the first exam is tomorrow, Tuesday, June 24th at 10am!  Will we be ready?


– You can register your doll for OhMyLoft “Exams” at 10am on Tuesday.  You have until Monday, June 30th to register.

– For this show represent a Doll in an exam situation. Oral or Written.

– To register for this OhMyLoft Show, you must meet these prerequisites:

Use MINIMUM 2 items from the Basics store.

– At least one candidate and an examiner (max 4 people)
– Minimum 2 tables with chairs
– 1 book per table must

– Gifts to give friends

– fantastic scenes
– wacky-examination subjects (cupcake decorator, groomer beasts etc …)

So who took home their diploma on Ohmydollz?

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